What To Do If You Have Lost a Pet

Steps You Can Take to Help Your
Pet Get Safely Back Home!

Puppy with ball

If you are reading this form, you have already taken the first, very important step to finding your pet:  Act quickly!  The sooner you begin your search, the better your chance of locating your pet:

  • Visit our Lost and Found Pet website which allows you to create a listing with information about a lost or found pet.

  • Check with local shelters every day. Don't just call -- visit the shelter to search for your pet. Many animals are difficult to describe over the phone, and only you really know what your pet looks like. Owners of lost pets should visit Mesa County Animal Services and Roice-Hurst Humane Society at least every other day to see if their pet has been picked up or brought to one of these shelters. Because no person can identify a pet but the owner and descriptions are subjective, we cannot give out information about animals in our shelter over the phone.

  • Make "lost pet" signs using your pet's photo. Put them up in your neighborhood and in post offices, libraries, pet supply stores, veterinary offices and grocery stores.

  • Place ads in local newspapers and consider offering a reward. Sometimes tags fall off and there is no way for the finder to know who or how to contact an owner.

  • Watch the found ads. Respond to any ad that might be close to your pet's description. Often, what one person calls a retriever mix, the owner might call a rottweiler mix. A week of foraging for food and a place to sleep, can make the best groomed pets look unkempt and dingy.

  • Search, search, search your neighborhood or area where your pet was lost. Call your pet's name and check any places they could have become trapped, such as in a shed or under vehicles. A lost pet often will hide during the day, so be sure to go out again at night with a flashlight to search in those out of the way places.

  • Call your local radio stations. Some radio stations will broadcast lost pet information for free. Give them very detailed information on where your pet was lost, the description and contact information.

  • If your pet is micro-chipped, make sure to keep your contact information current.

  • Your license tag provides the best way to get your lost pet back home to you! Remember to place your County license tag on your pet's collar - then keep the collar on your pet. To secure the tag on the collar or to keep it from making noise, you may use a piece of tape.

For more information about pet behavior or humane care of pets, please call (970) 242-4646