Contact Information
971A Coffman Road
Whitewater, CO 81527

Mailing Address
Department 5002
P.O. Box 20,000
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

To reach the office to make an animal complaint, questions, or shelter information please call (970) 242-4646 or

To reach administration or for business or billing related informaiton please
call (970) 683-4355 or



Animal Services Logo

Animal Services Logo


Advisory Board Agenda and Notice of Meeting
At Mesa County Old Courthouse
On Tuesday November 9, 2021 at 3pm

Notice of Meeting

  • There will be a meeting of the Mesa County Animal Services
    Advisory Board on Tuesday November 9, 2021 at 3pm

  • The meeting will be held at:

    Mesa County Old Courthouse
    3rd floor Annex Training Room A
    544 Rood Ave
    Grand Junction, Co 81501

Call to Order & Introductions - Cheryl Thomas, Board Chairperson
- Department Briefing
- Staffing
- Municipal Contracts
- Update on Parks program
-Local Law Enforcement Quarterly Feedback

Up Date on "Henri Case"

New Business:

  1. Recommendations to County Commissioners for 2021
    -Recommendations for development of any policies/procedures which will further the objectives of animal welfare and control
    -Recommendations of additional legislations deemed by the Board to be necessary for animal welfare and control
    -Recommendations for actions to be taken by any agency, board or officer of the county for the purposes of furthering the objectives of animal welfare and
  2. The Board of County Commissioners and County Administration has asked Director Sullivan to evaluate the benefits of splitting the animal services shelter and enforcement and for a local non-profit animal welfare organization to manage the shelter

Unscheduled Business:

- Advisory Board Members
- Public Comment (Public given opportunity to present information to the Board. Board is not obligated to provide discussion or debate)

See Agenda PDF