Relinquishing a Pet

Mesa County Animal Services understands that living situations can change and unfortunately loving pet owners may find themselves in circumstances where they can no longer care for their beloved pets. This can be a very difficult and emotional time for the family and the pet. We recommend that you try outside sources such as rescues, humane societies, or friends and family to find a good temporary or permanent placement for your pet. However, if you are unable to find a new home for your dog, Mesa County Animal Services or our animal welfare partners may have services that can assist you. Mesa County Animal Services does not accept owned cats. We reccomend you contact a local humane society.

Please do not abandon your pet in the community, the country or a nice neighborhood thinking it can survive or "someone" will give it a home. Unfortunately, our officers pick up too many pets each year that have been abandoned. Many of them have been hit by cars, injured by other animals or are starving and ill. Some companion animals, specifically dogs, may not have the skills necessary to survive on their own. When they become scared or fearful, they can injure someone in their efforts to survive. We know it can be emotionally difficult to bring your beloved canine to a shelter, but it is in your pet's and the community's best interest to do so.

For Mesa County residents, Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction do not charge a fee to relinquish a pet to our shelter. We feel that public safety and public health can be compromised if animals are abandoned in the community. Not only is it cruel and abusive to abandon a pet animal, it is a violation of local and state statute.

Because we need information from you about your pet, please plan on spending 15-30 minutes at the shelter. This information helps us with the assessment process so we can find the best placement for your pet. Every year, we rehome, transfer or reunite almost 2,000 displaced pets. We can find a successful placement when we have accurate and thorough information about your pet's health and behavior. Many behaviors and health issues can be addressed if we have advance knowledge of the problem. You will be asked to take time to fill out a form about your pet. If you have any documentation about training, veterinary visits, vaccinations or favorite toys, please bring them with you so we can make your pet comfortable during the transition and we cat adequately assess your pet. Read our displaced pet program brochure for more information.