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What Does Animal Services Do?  

Enforce laws designed to protect citizens and domestic companion animals

These laws are essential to the preservation of positive relationships between pet animals and the public. Animal Services receives over 900 requests for service per month. These include reports of dogs at large, dogs in custody, animal abuse, aggressive dogs, animal bites, excessive barking sick or injured animals and various other animal issues.Selected officers are also commissioned as agents for the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Protection.

Provide sheltering to displaced pet animals

The animals that are sheltered are impounded for many reasons. Many are found wandering with no identification. Some are released by their owners for various reasons, some are being held for rabies observation and some are held in protective custody. Over 4,000 animals are sheltered annually. These animals are eventually returned to the owner, transferred to an animal welfare agency for rehoming or euthanized. A huge emphasis is placed on returning lost pets to their owner and transferring animals to animal welfare partners who are experts at adopting pets into caring, lifelong homes.

Maintain a license database

Licenses are entered into a database. This database provides information that enables any lost dog wearing a license tag to be returned to the owner providing address or phone number changes are kept current. Often lost animals with tags are reunited with owners by finders, sometimes neighbors.

Every dog that is 4 months of age and has resided in Mesa County for 30 days is required to have a County license. Licenses may be purchased from your veterinarian or Animal Services. Licenses tags must be worn by dogs.Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for purchase of license. Animals wearing current license tags are more quickly and less expensively returned to owners.

Investigate cruelty to animals

Animal Sevices Officers investigate over 800 reports of negligent care or abuse of animals each year. While many were resolved through education and follow-up, some were more serious in nature and resulted in prosecution.

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