Spay/Neuter Assistance

The mission of project PUPs is to assist citizens with the spaying and neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits and potbelly pigs until there are no homeless pets in Mesa County. This program is a partnership between pet owners, their veterinarians and Mesa County Animal Services.

Project PUPs was born in April of 1993. Through this program help is available to defray the cost of these very important sterilization procedures. Certificates are redeemable from local veterinarians for a $25 credit for neutering any dog, cat, rabbit or potbelly pig and a $35 credit for spaying any dog, cat, rabbit or potbelly pig. These certificates are given to any Mesa County citizen to provide incentive for spaying and neutering pets. We have a limited number of vouchers for Spay/Neuter assistance.

To receive a PUPs certificate, please submit a request form. Please e-mail the completed form to