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Owner Requested Euthanasia

Mesa County Animal Services is aware that one of the hardest decisions an owner makes is to euthanize their pet. Although a personal decision, it need not be a solitary one. Your veterinarian, family and friends can help you make the right decision. Consider not only what is best for you and your family, but also what is best for your pet. We understand this difficult decision is a final act of kindness to your pet.

We provide a compassionate and caring euthanasia service for Mesa County citizens and their pets. Our officers are certified in euthanasia by lethal injection through the American Humane Society. Lethal injection is a humane procedure that will be carried out with compassion and respect. Although we are not set up to permit you to be present at the euthanasia, you may request that we hold the remains so that you can make special arrangements. The cost of this procedure is $40.00.

Pet owners who wish to be present for the owner-requested euthanasia procedure should contact a local veterinary clinic.

If you have made the decision, you can bring your pet to our shelter during regular business hours.... no appointment is necessary.

The Humane Society of the United States offers this helpful advice when struggling with the loss of a companion animal.