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Our Philosophy  
Mesa County Animal Services is not a humane society; our responsibilities are public safety, public health and animal welfare.  Our intent is to:
  • Keep the community and animals safe from the hazards experienced when an animal is not under the direct control of an owner by providing education regarding confinement and humane pet care options.  Deliver consistent enforcement of animal violations.
  • Keep the community and animals healthy by providing education regarding rabies prevention.  Deliver consistent enforcement of rabies vaccination and licensing violations.
  • Make responsible pet ownership the only acceptable option in Mesa County by working together with  local veterinarians, humane organizations, pet owners and the community.
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We are often asked why it is necessary to euthanize animals in our community and why we accept that responsibility.   We are grateful for those conversations because without the community's understanding of the issues that contribute to euthansia, the problem can never be solved.  

Unfortunately, not every animal in our community has received the care and attention they deserve from their owners.  Our officers respond to calls where animals are sick, injured or have attacked people or other animals.  We accept every dog animal despite physical and behavioral deficiencies.  For humanitarian reasons, we accept any cat when the owner is unknown and that cat is sick, injured or is orphaned and too young to fend for itself and cats in urgent need of medical attention.

Often those responsible for unwanted animals abandon their responsibility as they have abandoned the animals.  We take on the responsibility for making the difficult decision that humane euthanasia is necessary when the animal is suffering or poses a safety risk for our community.

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