Here are some frequently asked questions about animals

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Mesa County Animal Services handles any potential rabies exposure to a human or domestic pet. If a person or domestic animal has had contact with a bat, skunk, raccoon, fox, or other wild carnivore, you should contact us immediately at (970) 242-4646.

You must contact the Colorado Department of Wildlife at (970) 255-6100 to report injured, nuisance or deceased wildlife.

In order to request information about any service or function of Mesa County Animal Services, you must provide a request in writing to the Director of Mesa County Animal Services. You may mail your request to:

Mesa County Animal Services
P.O. Box 20,000-5002
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Please be specific about the information you are requesting so we provide you with the correct data. Once your request is received, Mesa County Animal Services will forward the information to the City of Grand Junction or Mesa County Attorney. They will review the information and notify you in writing where and how to pick up the documentation.

In order to assist you with providing the information we need to research your request, we recommend you use our request for information form. You can mail the request to the above address, deliver it to our shelter or fax it to (970) 245-5315.

We don’t have the authority to address this issue, but we can direct you to the agency that can assist you. Pet feces disposal is handled by code enforcement. Please contact the appropriate agency to report your concerns:

City of Grand Junction Code Enforcement (970) 244-1593

Mesa County Animal Services will pick up domestic pets (dogs and cats) that are deceased and in roadways as time permits. During a high call volume day, it is essential that we focus on responding to calls where a person or animal is at risk, so we must prioritize. We realize that domestic pets are an important part of our community and considered family by many citizens and will make an effort to respond to these calls as soon as we have staff available.


Colorado revised statute 25-4-603 requires all animal bites be reported. If the bite occurred in unincorporated Mesa County or in the City of Grand Junction, you will need to report the bite to Mesa County Animal Services at (970) 242-4646. Please select the dispatch option so that an officer can contact you for more information.

If a dog or cat bite occurred in Fruita, Debeque, Collbran or Palisade, please contact their police department to report the bite.

If you are bitten by a wild animal, please contact the Mesa County Animal Services at (970) 242-4646 or the Mesa County Health Department at (970) 254-4120.

If you have a dog, cat or ferret, per state law, they must have a current rabies vaccination that has been administered by a licensed veterinarian. In addition, there are several additional pet vaccinations that are recommended to keep the pets in our community healthy. Please contact your veterinarian for clarification on your pet’s vaccination needs.