Animal Laws

Here are some frequently asked questions about Animal Laws

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Yes. Dogs are required to be under leash control when not confined to their property. Exceptions can be granted by a property owner. Two examples are:

  • The City of Grand Junction has granted permission for dogs to be off leash at the Canyon View dog park.

  • The Bureau of Land Management has granted permission for dogs to be off leash, but under voice control by an owner, in some areas. Please check with the Bureau of Land Management for dog rules specific to the area you are visiting.

No. While there are several home rule communities in Colorado that do have breed specific laws, Mesa County is a statutory county and breed specific legislation is prohibited by the State of Colorado.

Mesa County Animal Services strictly enforces state and local animal laws based on an animal’s behavior.

While most dogs can and will bark on occasion, there are laws that prohibit nuisance barking. Generally, nuisance barking is considered to be at least thirty minutes of unprovoked barking within a 24 hour period.

No. However, we do have a process to address nuisance barking.

Once a complainant contacts us with the required information, we will notify a dog owner that there has been a report of excessive barking. Often, this warning, along with educational information about correcting excessive dog barking, solves the problem.

If the excessive barking continues after our initial contact, the complainant can provide us with video or audio evidence of unprovoked, nuisance barking. We will review the documentation and if it supports a violation, our officers will issue a citation to the dog owner. The owner can choose to pay the citation or contest it. If they choose to dispute that a violation occurred, the complainant and any witnesses will be required to testify in Court.

If the problem continues after the initial citation is issued, subsequent evidence of ongoing barking can result in additional citations with progressive fines and consequences.