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  • Here are some frequently asked questions about our shelter.

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  •  I can no longer keep my pet. Can I relinquish my pet to Mesa County Animal Services and if so, what is the cost?

    Type of pets -

    Mesa County Animal Services typically houses sick/injured cats, dogs and small companion pets. Our facility is not equipped to accept livestock, wild animals or exotic pets from owners. Additionally, Mesa County Animal Services does not accept owned cats. Owned cats are referred to CLAWS, Roice-Hurst  Humane Society or Grand Rivers Humane society for relinquishment.

    Alternatives and Resources -

    We always recommend that owners attempt to find a new home for their pet. If you can keep your pet until you locate a new home or arrange placement with a rescue organization, we will be happy to provide names and contact information for regional humane societies and rescue organizations that might be able to assist you.

    Relinquishment Process-

    We also understand that despite their best efforts, owners may find themselves in a situation where they must relinquish their pet. We are here to assist in those situations. We are an open admission facility that does not turn companion animals or our citizens away. While we cannot guarantee placement for every animal, with the help of our transfer and adoption partners, our goal is to find placement for every healthy and treatable pet in our facility. We generally rehome or reunite almost 3,000 pet animals each year.

    We will need any veterinary records or paperwork that might assist us in placing your pet. Please allow time for us to complete a short (10 – 15 minutes) interview about your pet’s behavior. This will help us in determining what kind of placement is most suitable for your pet.

    Relinquishment fees:

    $0 For residents of unincorporated Mesa County or the City of Grand Junction,
    $35 per animal for Collbran, Debeque, Fruita or Palisade residents
    $75 per animal if you live outside Mesa County

     I have a new pet that I would like to have sterilized. Do you have any type of program that could assist us with the cost?

    We do not have an on-site veterinarian that completes spay/neuter procedures at our shelter. However, we have Project PUPs! This voucher program provides assistance to pet owners that want to have their pet sterilized by their veterinarian. Most local veterinarians support this program and will accept the vouchers. Generally, the voucher provides for $25 off of a neuter and $35 off of a spay. However, we occasionally have grants that provide for additional funds that apply to these procedures. Please call 242-4646 during business hours for more details.

     I want to adopt a new pet. Can your facility help me?

    Yes!!! In addition to having our wonderful adoption pets available on site, we also work closely with Grand Rivers Humane and may have some of their animals at our shelter and available for adoption. The adoption fee is $95.00 and includes:

    A wonderful addition to your family (cat or dog), spay/neuter procedure completed by a participating veterinarian of your choice, 1st round of dog/cat vaccinations, microchip, rabies vaccination and a one year Mesa County pet license.

     If I want to be present for the euthanasia of my pet, where can I take my pet?

    Pet owners who wish to be present for the owner-requested euthanasia procedure should contact a local veterinary clinic.

     If my pet doesn’t pass your assessment program and is determined to not be suitable for your adoption or transfer program, can you notify me?

    No. Please understand that once you relinquish an animal to us, it is our property. Our goal is to find a permanent home or placement for each and every animal that is behaviorally or medically healthy or treatable. In order to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy animals, we must assess and progress each animal in a timely manner and cannot hold specific animals beyond the legal hold time. Because of space and time constraints, we cannot notify you if your animal is not deemed suitable for our adoption or transfer program nor will our staff share with you if or where your animal was placed. For this reason, please consider us a last resort and consider all options before relinquishing your pet to us.

     When I have made the decision that it is in my pet’s best interest to be humanely euthanized, can you provide that service?

    Yes. Mesa County Animal Services provides a compassionate and caring euthanasia service for Mesa County citizens and their pets. Our officers are certified in euthanasia by lethal injection through the American Humane Society. Lethal injection is a humane procedure that will be carried out with compassion and respect. Although we are not set up to permit you to be present at the euthanasia, you may request that we hold the remains so that you can make special arrangements. The cost of this procedure is $40.00.

    If you have made the decision, you can bring your pet to our shelter during regular business hours.... no appointment is necessary.

     When is the shelter open?

    • Monday through Friday - 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday - 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

     Where are you located?

    971 Coffman Road
    Whitewater, CO 81527
    Visit our location page for a map 

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