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Ways to Cat Proof your Property  

In light of the fact that citizens do not always appreciate visits from neighborhood cats, we would like to recommend the following options to help you "cat proof" your property or to help you locate the owner of a lost cat:

If the cat is owned by a neighbor but allowed outside, then your best approach is one that seeks to persuade that neighbor to keep his cat indoors or otherwise safely confined. To succeed at this, the key is to avoid being combative and to build a good relationship with your neighbor. Gather information to pass to your neighbor about the many benefits to cats if they are kept indoors or only allowed outdoors when supervised. Include tips on how to keep cats happy as indoor pets. Speak with your neighbor about your concerns, whether you are bothered by his cat killing birds at your feeder or using your garden as a litter box or about the cat's own safety. Your neighbor might consider adding an outside litter box to their property. This addition may keep the cat from coming and utilizing your flower bed or garden.

If the cat has appeared recently and you think he/she might be lost or abandoned, then contact Animal Services (242-4646) and Roice-Hurst Humane Society (434-7337) to check whether a "lost pet" report has been filed for a cat matching the description of the one in your neighborhood. She may be lost and frightened, and her family may be worried sick about her. Your call may be the one to reunite them. You may also want to post "found cat" posters in your neighborhood.

If an unwelcome cat is regularly visiting you, make sure you are not leaving unattended food that they are using as their food source. This could be bird feed, cat food, compost piles and accessible trash.

Moth balls are a good deterrent in flower beds or gardens.

Unbaited mouse traps are an inexpensive "scare tactic". The cat is fast enough that it will not hurt them, but the snap will startle them and they may eventually decide to avoid that area.

A garden hose being sprayed on the cat will deter a cat if you are home enough to catch them when they visit. If not, there are currently on the market motion detecting sprinklers that can be an effective tool. (You might check out this web site for additional information -

There are adjustable electronic motion detectors that use safe, nontoxic spray technology to keep unwanted animals including cats, raccoons and deer away from valuable trees, bushes, and gardens. (You might check out this web site for additional information-Garden Ghost Kit )

We offer some great information in our "That Darn Cat" brochure, check it out!

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