Prevent Rabies Through Pet Vaccinations - The Law

Rabies vaccinations are, by law, required at four months of age and boosters must be given when they are due. Rabies occurs most often in small, wild animals such as skunks, bats, foxes and raccoons. Remember, these are wild animals: don't feed or try to handle!

What is rabies?

Rabies is caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. It is passed by scratches or bites from an infected animal. If untreated, it is fatal.

If your dog or cat bites someone, you must report it immediately to Animal Services. All biting animals are observed for 10 days to determine if they carry rabies. If you or your pet have contact with a skunk, raccoon, bat or fox that could have resulted in exposure, report it to Animal Services immediately.
While there have been no cases of rabies in humans in Colorado for a very long time, bats and wildlife from Mesa County have tested positive for carrying rabies.

Please keep your pets current on their rabies vaccinations. Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for additional Rabies Information.