Girl getting dog kiss  Only safe, loving, permanent homes are sought for the animals and we want adopters to take pet ownership seriously. If you are considering a new pet for life, please consider the homeless animals at Animal Services. If you don't find just the right pet for your family at our shelter, many of our adoptable animals are transferred to local agencies and shelters.

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  • Before you can adopt, you must own your own home or have your landlord's permission to bring an animal home. We ask that you bring proof of current rabies and license if required to be incompliance with the law.

  • Those with history of irresponsible ownership will not be considered.

Please Note: Our policy states that we are unable to hold or reserve animals that are up for adoption. You may call or e-mail to request the adoption status of a preferred animal, but you must come in and fill out the Adoption Application in order to adopt. For your convenience, you may complete the Adoption Application Form and bring it with you to the shelter. Only walk-ins will be allowed to adopt an animal.

The cost to adopt a dog is $95 and a cat is $65. At the time of adoption, you will pick out a local veterinarian from our list of participating veterinarians to provide the following services: Pet physical examination, surgical sterilization, rabies vaccination and licensing. We will make an appointment at the veterinarian you have selected and transport the animal to the veterinarian for care at the prearranged time. After the scheduled appointment and completion of the services outlined, you may take your pet home for a lifetime full of affection and love.

Animals are adopted to residents outside of Mesa County, however the animal is required to be spayed/neutered at a local veterinary clinic prior to release to the adoptor.