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Department 5002
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Mesa County Animal Services makes every effort to ensure that each animal offered for adoption is the kind of animal you would want as a pet for your family. It is impossible to guarantee that each animal is perfect. In fact, we find they are often better, more loving pets because of their imperfections. However, because we care about your safety, we assess each animal for our adoption program using several different tools. We consider the behavior of the animal as reported by its former owner or by its behavior with our staff. Our staff is certified in the ASPCA Safer behavior assessment program. No test is a guarantee of future behavior, but we select animals for adoption that have no history or indication of aggressive behavior towards other animals or people. Girl with puppy
 Senior with dog  During the year, at any given time, we house between 125-200 various animals including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits and other assorted pets. Because we have to make room for incoming animals, we often transfer adoptable animals to other agencies so we can avoid euthanizing adoptable pets. Our inventory of available animals fluctuates daily and we attempt to keep our web-site current with adoptable animals. We cannot place a hold on an adoptable animal. However, if you are interested in a particular pet for adoption, you can complete an interest sheet and we will attempt to contact you the evening before or morning that the animal is placed into adoption. To explain in detail our efforts to re-home Mesa County's displaced pets, we developed a informational sheet on our displaced pet program.