Mesa County Animal Welfare Partnership

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We strive to be a model animal community
where people and pets live together harmoniously.

Vision Statement:

Mesa County is a model animal community where people and pets live together harmoniously.  Our community and citizens provide pets with humane and compassionate care and are not tolerant of mistreatment of pet animals.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to work collaboratively to achieve model animal community status where pets are valued as part of the family and community.  We encourage pet owners to appreciate the value of routine and preventative veterinary care and the benefit of safely confining their pets.  We support the responsible rehoming of displaced pets, a high level of animal welfare and the importance of spay/neuter of both shelter and owned pets to manage pet overpopulation.

In 2014 and after several years of meeting in a forum setting to discuss animal issues in our community, the Mesa County Animal Welfare Partnership (MCAWP) formalized its collaborative efforts with the primary goal for Mesa County to be a model animal community.  As a model animal community, Mesa County values the animal/human bond and animal welfare, citizen health and safety are community priorities. 

The MCAWP includes animal welfare groups, government representatives, veterinary members and organizations, businesses or individuals that are committed to pets being valued as part the family and acknowledged as an integral part of our community.  

While the MCAWP focuses on a broad range of areas to reach its goal, saving shelter pets is certainly a priority.  In 2013 our Community’s Live Release Rate (CLRR) for dogs was 85% with an overall CLRR of 73%!  This is a 16% increase from 2006, the first year we shared community statistics.  This progress is largely attributed to increased collaborative efforts among local animal rescue agencies, and to a boost in available resources as a direct result of increased funding from the Animal Assistance Foundation, the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund and national animal welfare organizations.  These organizations are focused on providing resources to our community largely due to their respect for our collaborative efforts. 

What’s next:

The  MCAWP has set several upcoming projects that we will be unveiling in 2014. We remain focused on reducing pet overpopulation by providing resources for spay/neuter programs. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Mesa County Animal Welfare Partnership, please e-mail