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  • Mesa County Animal Services believes that public education about responsible pet ownership should be provided through different venues to address the public's personal preferences. Thus, Mesa County Animal Services uses different tools to reach different segments of the population. One of the tools we have been using for the past several years are public service announcements about various components of pet ownership. These advertisements have played throughout the Western Slope at movie theaters and local media. Please enjoy these important messages!

  •  Dogs in Cars in Hot Weather = Tragedy

     Dogs Need School, Too!

     Dogs, Like Children, Count on You to Keep Them Safe

     Don't Dump Your Pet, There are Better Options

     Getting Your Pet Home is Priceless

     If You Love Your Dog, Keep Them Safely Confined

     Keep Your Pet Safe...Keep Them Confined

     No Dog Should Live Like This - No Food, No Water, No Shelter

     Please Don't Forget To Love Me When I'm No Longer a Puppy

     Rabies IS Out There - Please Keep Your Pet Vaccinated

     Time With Your Dog - Priceless

     Top Five Cat Needs and Wants

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